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Archbold Furniture

XAFF 3684 Bookcase 36 X 84

XAFF 3684 Bookcase 36 X 84


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Arched Solid Pine Finished or Unfinished Bookcase

The Arched Solid Pine Bookcase is available in various widths and heights to fit any space. The quality of this bookcase exceeds anything you can buy anywhere.

These bookcases are well made by Archbold using solid wood. It features century-old craftsmanship with modern updates, all in solid wood. Enjoy assembled furniture that arrives at your door from an Ohio-based company that has been around since 1900.

The Arched Solid Pine Bookcase has adjustable shelves and comes unfinished for your DIY project or in various paints. You can choose unfinished if you wish to paint or stain it yourself.

The solid wood bookcases arrive fully assembled. Bookcases over 72″ tall will have a permanent shelf at 30″. The 48″ wide bookcase will have a center divider with adjustable shelving on both sides. This makes for a more comprehensive, yet structurally sound bookcase.


Width Height Depth
36 84 12


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